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The unique suites of Torri e Merli speak of the Venetian aesthetic creating a romantic ambience.

Everything in Torri e Merli radiates an enticing quality that beckons you to discover it.

The Gaden House features a double bed, a private bathroom, flat screen tv, hairdryer, sleepers, bath amenities, pool...
2 guests
30 - 35 sq.m.
Narcissus, a youth renowned for his beauty, saw his reflection in the water and fell in love with...
2 adults & 1 child guests
30-35 sq.m.
The psathi plant has been well known since ancient times. It loves rich, wet soils and sunny spots....
2 adults & 1 child guests
30 - 35 sq.m.
This species of wild rose is known for its antioxidant properties. The bud is used for the preparation...
2 adults & 1 child guests
65 sq.m.
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